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We had the most wonderful time in Alaska! The train mix-up was the tiniest of glitches, as far as I am concerned. The day turned out very well, thanks to your intervention and to the most attentive staff on the train. We were relaxed enough at the end of the ride to get our bags from the depot to the airport where we picked up a rental car and drove to Homer, arriving there at 11:30 PM! I will definitely get a picture to you; it will be hard to pick the most memorable spot!  You did an amazing job of coordinating and advising. We are so grateful. Our next trip to Alaska will include Wrangell, so that we can thank you in person!  Our best to you,

Things have been crazy since we got back, but wanted to drop you a quick note. We had a FABULOUS time! Only 17 passengers on the ship helped make it feel like our own private yacht.(Alaskan Dream Cruises on the small ship the Alaskan Dream) Loved Capt Eric and the whole crew. Didn't mind the rain...when we needed it to be nice it was. Our bonus was on the first day getting to experience bubble net feeding. Thanks for helping us book a trip of a lifetime. We will be and have been recommending Allen Marine.
B, & R. M.

06/06/17 via email:
Hi Marjy, Home now. SE Alaska was amazing! A few pics attached. Thanks again for all your help. Hopefully I can bring my husband and girls back sometime! Take care
“A. G”

SE Alaska cruises

06/06/17 via email:
Marjy, The weather was perfect and the Un-Cruise boat and crew were wonderful. All of the arrangements you made were right on. Your recommendation for the Safari Explorer was great Thank you so much for all of your help I will certainly recommend you to my friends. All of our pictures are on the camera, so I will send you one as soon as I find someone smart enough to get them in an e-mail. thanks again

06/05/17 via email:
Marjy,Fabulous adventure. Loved every minute. I'd return in a heart beat! All went perfectly.Denali made the almost briefest of appearances??

06/05/17 via email:
Margy--I would echo “A”s comments. We had a GREAT time!  We dodged a bullet at Denali since it had 10 inches of snow just 2 days before we arrived and it was closed for 2 days. We were fortunate to see good wildlife--carabou, moose, grizzly, gray wolf and dall sheep [the big five!]. It snowed as we left Denali.Also, the McKinley Explorer [Holland America] train was first rate. I would rate the tour guide commentary better and food definitely better than the Goldstar. The open air platform was better on Goldstar. It was good to do both. Suggestion for Anchorage dining--the bar/lounge at Captain Cooks has great view of the Alaska range. I'm glad we did helicopter-glacier landing before Denali as weather was more iffy at Denali. Thanks again for your help in putting this together.

01/26/17 via email:
Hi Marjy, We had a great trip, even though the power was out on Lanai for 2 1/2 days, due to a huge windstorm that knocked out 19 power poles. Our flight to Lanai was postponed overnight, and when we got there the next day, no electricity. Which didn't bother us a bit. It was fun staying in a plantation style building as it would have been 100 years ago. The hotel was very accommodating, and I have to commend staff for rising to the occasion. They provided all our meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as no restaurants were open, and while it was simple food, it was just fine. They improvised with battery operated candles for lights, and every room came with two large flashlights, so we were ok. The water stayed on, and really, it all worked out well. The hotel (Hotel Lanai) was very accommodating. Lanai and Kauai are very different from each other -- in fact each of the Hawaiian islands is different. We loved both of these and have no complaints. We are contemplating a trip, perhaps next year, to Molokai and the Big Island, as we haven't been there in many years. Will let you know as time gets closer. Best to you, and thanks for making these arrangements,

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